Extended Team

Åsa Ekman

Director Åsa Ekman latest films Say something (2016) and My life my lesson (2015) has won international recognition and reached over 5 million viewers. My life my lesson was nominated for the Guldbaggen, won the Swedish TV price Kristallen and the Nordic docs award for best documentary. Her film a Mother’s Comeback (2011) premiered at the Gothenburg International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Documentary and won the prize for Best Swedish Feature Film. Her short film It's all about Edith (2006) got the jury’s honorary award at Tempo Documentary Film Festival. In her short film Player vs. Romeo (2006) Ekman portrayed teenage boys from the suburb Fittja. Her Dragkingdom of Sweden (2002) is cult movie in the HBTQ-underground as well as part of the course readings of gender studies at several universities

Film and Tell productions include My life my lesson, Say Something and Project Sweden (working title).

Eva Hillström

Eva is an editor and director who has worked with editing and dramaturgy on feature length documentaries for over 20 years. Her award-winning films include Nowhere to Hide (2016) – best feature length at IDFA and best film at One World – and I called him Morgan (2016) premiered at the Venice Film Festival. She started out as a journalist taking still photographs in her 20s and then went on to work as a photographer on creative projects and as 1st AD on documentary film sets. When finding her passion for film she attended the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts with a focus on editing of fiction and documentary film.

Film and Tell productions includes Invest For Change (working title).

Joel Källstedt

Joel has a Masters Degree in media production from Linköping University and more than 10 years of experience as an editor from the Swedish TV industry. His latest productions include Sommar med Ernst (2015) and Mandelmanns Gård (2016), both of which was nominated for a Kristallen.

Film and Tell productions includes Project Sweden (working title).

Sven Lindahl

Sven is a distinguished Director of Photography, and a Swedish Academy of Dramatic Arts alumni. He has had a successful career, one example is his film Give us the money (2012), which won the The Peabody Award and was seen by over 500 million people worldwide.

Film and Tell productions includes Invest For Change (working title).

Iga Mikler

Iga is a cinematographer with a Masters Degree from the Swedish Film School (now STDH). She has worked on The Road To Happiness (2004), winner of Best Film at Bare Jada Film Festival and The Paradise (2009), winner of New Doc at the Tempo Documentary Film Festival. She has also shot Kiipa papa (2011) which competed at Tempo Documentary Film Festival, The Supporter (2011) which competed at Stockholm International Film Festival, and Eating Lunch (2013) which competed at Gothenburg International Film Festival.

Film and Tell productions include Go Straight HomeMy life my lesson & Say Something.

Malin Nicander

Malin is a Swedish Director of Photography (fsf) and visual storyteller who graduated from the Polish National Film School 2013. As a DP she embraces various type of work ranging from prize-winning stop-motion animations, fiction, wildlife films, and documentaries. For example, her documentary “Mientras Esperamos”/”In the Meantime” was nominated both at IDFA and Camerimage. Along her filmmaking, she is committed to environmental and social issues. Her vision is to combine these elements to contribute to a better world. 

Film and Tell productions include the project Age (working title).

Simon Norlin

Simon joined Film and Tell in 2017 as production assistant. He has previous experience as a producer and radio host. He holds a bachelor in Media and Communications from Linné University in Kalmar.

Film and Tell productions includes Project Sweden (working title).

Lucia Pagano

Lucia joined Film and Tell in 2017 as editing assistant. She holds a Bachelors degree in film directing from the Film School in Lodz, and a Masters degree from the Royal Institute of Art. Apart from working with own short films, she has been working in the field of filmmaking in various roles, such as editing, screenwriting and documentation.

Film and Tell productions include Invest For Change (working title).

Favorite documentaries: Divorce Iranian Style, I Love You Natasha!, D’Est

Anders Teigen

Anders has a Masters Degree in editing from the Norwegian Film School. He has edited documentaries such as Big John (2008) that won Best Nordic Documentary at Nordic Panorama and Teigen was nominated for an Amanda for Best Editing at the Norwegian Film Festival. Other films include From Prison to Parliament (2008) which won the Norwegian Golden Chair for Best Documentary and The Armwrestler from Solitude (2004) which won a Guldbagge for Best Documentary.

Film and Tell productions include My life my lesson & Say Something.

Josefin Torp

Josefin is a project manager with a background in documentary film making, and she has a degree from Biskops-Arnö. She has a long history working with Oscar Hedin in various roles, such as editing, distribution and research. Besides working with film she has produced events and theatre. She thrives in the unknown of the project environment and is passionate about team/business development. Currently she is finishing her degree in project management at Jensen Education.

Film and Tell productions include Projektet Sverige (working title).

Favorite documentary: Att skiljas

Josef Tuulse

Josef Tuulse is a Swedish composer and sound engineer who run the sound studio Danviken Stereo. He has been working within film- and TV production since the nineties and is a trained music producer and has a degree in film sound and film script from the Swedish Film School (now STDH). Tuulse has got a broad experience of sound recording spanning from reality TV to documentary, feature film and gaming, where he has worked as an independent sound consultant on a number of productions. Tuulse mostly works with both the sound and music production and is often assigned complete responsibility for post-production. He has composed music to a number of film productions such as Aching HeartSimple Simon and The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes.

Film and Tell productions include My life my lesson & Say Something.

Gustav Ågerstrand 

Gustav Ågerstrand is a director and cinematographer who has studied documentary directing at Stockholm university of the arts and Film photography at Biskops Arnö. As director, Gustav has completed two feature films: Tjuvgods (2013) and Inuti ett Träd (2016).

Film and Tell productions includes Project Sweden (working title).