• Producer

Favourite documentaries:
Sisters in Law, Hold med tight, let me go, The Act of Killing, Flying: Confessions of a free woman, Grizzly Man, Exit through the Gift Shop, Grey Gardens and Harlan County, USA 
Email: ase.fougner@filmandtell.com

Phone: +46 739 52 07 04


Åse holds a Bachelors degree in Documentary filmmaking from Stockholm University of the Arts and a Masters degree in Project management. Since 2004 she has been working in the field of documentaries in various roles, such as producer, director and filmphotographer. She has been involved in several documentary series at SVT/UR, such as Barnmorskorna (2008), Välja väg (2014) and Min livstid (2016), as well as single documentaries such as The Russian Bay (2008) and The Radical Sloyds Man (2017). Åse is also one of the filmmakers behind the long-term documentary project Född 2010 (Swedish Television).