EARTH: MUTED | the issue of biological diversity in food production

The goal of the initiative EARTH: MUTED is to contribute to positive, behavioral changes to safeguard biodiversity and ensure sustainable food production. By portraying the reality of inhabitants in the valley of Hanuyan, China, where pollinators, such as bees, have gone extinct due to an overuse of pesticides, the initiative draws attention to a possible worrying future scenario if measures are not taken.

The feature documentary EARTH: MUTED premiered in March 2021 at Tempo Documentary Festival. Together with the short film JINGJING’S STORY, EARTH: MUTED has so far been selected in 20 festivals and received seven international documentary film awards. In January 2022, it reached the public on Public Swedish Television. Germany and France will follow during the upcoming year, as Earth: Muted has been acquired by ARTE France for their broadcasting program Vies d'ailleurs.

On the impact side, Jingjing’s story has been used as part of the campaign “Operation Save The Bees”, led by the initiative partner The Swedish Society for Nature Conversation, targeting a member base of over 200 000 people all over Sweden. We seek to expand our impact work during the upcoming years and are open to collaborations with every actor interested in finding better methods for production and import, influencing positive consumer behaviors, and ultimately reducing the usage of harmful pesticides.

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